The benefits and harms of green and onions for human health

According to some studies onions have been cultivated and eaten by humans for over 5000 years... The healing properties of the vegetable are mainly due to the presence of volatile substances - phytoncides. Onions survive well, and green feathers in our climate can be successfully grown on a windowsill and saturate the body with biologically active substances. About the benefits and dangers of green onions for human health - our article.

The chemical composition of green and onions

With a detailed analysis of the chemical composition of green and onions some features can be distinguished:

  • feathers contain half the calories compared to onions;
  • bunches of greens contain 3 times more vitamin C;
  • there is no carotene in onions, while in a green product it is present in a loading dose;
  • both types contain a large amount of such an element as cobalt (in onions 50%, green 70% of the daily value);
  • despite the wide variety of micro- and macroelements, their content in both products is small (the exception is molybdenum, feather contains 29% of the daily value).

As a result of the analysis, it can be concluded that with a significantly lower calorie content, the green onion has a richer mineral and vitamin composition.

Green feathers are an excellent supplier of vitamin C, especially in winter, in contrast to onions.

After all, hardly anyone would dare to eat about a kilogram of bulbs per day to replenish the body with this valuable nutrient.

As the vegetable has a high cobalt content, consider the effect of this substance on the human body:

  • helps the immune system fight foreign bacteria;
  • participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin, thereby reducing the risk of anemia;
  • regulates the optimal content of cholesterol in the blood;
  • helps to maintain the hardness, strength of bone tissue, promotes its recovery.

Which is healthier and healthier - green onions or onions:

Useful properties of a vegetable for the body

In addition to preventing colds or flu eating green feathers has a beneficial effect on the digestive system... Appearance alone is able to provoke profuse salivation and increase appetite.

At the same time, the use of green onion feathers along with the main dish helps the body to feel full and not overeat.

The product is widely used in various diets due to its high fiber and low calorie content. Even diabetes mellitus is not a contraindication to use.

Nutritionists have noted another useful property of green feathers: to improve the taste of dishes. This seasoning is a great alternative to salt.

Many men who like to crunch a bunch of spicy greens for lunch or dinner do not even suspect what a huge benefit they bring to the body.

Consuming this seasoning stimulates increased production of the hormone testosterone, affects the qualitative composition of sperm, increases the number of sperm, improves their mobility and ability to conceive.

Systematic use of green feathers in food reduces the risk of developing prostatitis and relieves its symptoms in case of illness. The product is used as a preventive measure against impotence.

In addition to fighting colds and infectious diseases, eating onions helps to lower blood sugar, helps the body to cope with intoxication, get rid of heavy metals.

The latest research carried out by scientists prove the effectiveness of onions in diseases associated with vascular lesions.

Therefore, for the elderly, in the absence of contraindications, daily use of the product in small quantities is desirable.

Human health benefits

For pregnant lactating women

During pregnancy, moderate consumption of onions is beneficial not only for the expectant mother, but also for the fetus.

A woman who will eat a vegetable in this crucial period of time, protect itself from viruses and bacteria and will create the prerequisites for the emergence of a powerful immunity in the child.

Experts recommend refrain from eating a healthy vegetable during breastfeeding, as the taste of milk will change and the baby may refuse to breastfeed.

For men and women

What man in his right mind would refuse a fragrant skewer with this baked, crispy vegetable? Onions are healthy both raw and cooked.

He, like green, able to enhance the production of testosterone in the male body... In addition to increasing sexual function, the spice plant has a tonic effect.

Due to the ability to influence metabolism, onions help the representatives of the strong half of humanity to maintain body weight at an optimal level.

The ability of the vegetable to strengthen hair roots has been noted, therefore, the product can be used as a prophylactic agent in the fight against hair loss.

Eating onions has a positive effect on the health of the female body.

Everyone knows such a disease as osteoporosis, and, although men are also susceptible to this ailment, still in women, it occurs much more often.

Therefore, for preventive purposes, the use of this vegetable will be very useful, the risk of bone fracture will be minimized.

Another important feature of a vegetable for women is positive effects on the health and appearance of the skin... Adding onions to dishes not only helps to keep the skin of the whole body youthful.

Onion juice masks with olive oil are recognized by cosmetologists as a means to fight wrinkles.

Onion face mask:

Harm and contraindications

Although onions are not considered allergenic foods, in some people, it can cause individual intolerance... Children are advised to give a healthy vegetable raw no earlier than two years of age.

Carefully the product must be treated with people:

  • having a high acidity of the stomach;
  • suffering from liver and kidney disease;
  • with diseases of the stomach and bronchial asthma.

Not desirable use a vegetable for nursing mothers, as the smell of onions can penetrate into milk.

Application in traditional medicine

This ancient medicinal product is used in folk medicine to treat a variety of diseases, ranging from the usual prevention of colds or flu, and ending with the treatment of Trichomonas in women and cancer.

Onions have been known since time immemorial as a remedy for helminths.

Recipe: Pour on a medium-sized finely chopped onion with two glasses of boiled water and leave for about half a day.

Strain and consume 150 ml for 5 days before meals. An effective remedy proven for centuries against roundworms and pinworms.

As a remedy for hair loss... Recipe: First you need to prepare a decoction of burdock roots.

Cool and add onion juice to the broth, based on a ratio of 6 to 4. It is advisable to add one part of brandy to the finished solution (or how much you do not mind).

Onion hair mask:

Green onions and onions are not only tasty and healthy food and seasoning for dishes, but also an affordable and effective medicine.

Onions - benefits and harms

Onions are a very common vegetable that is used in food all over the world. And the history of its domestication has very deep roots - archaeologists have proved that mankind got acquainted with it almost five thousand years ago. However, even today, not all women know about the benefits and dangers of onions. Meanwhile, for women's health, this vegetable is considered indispensable.

The benefits of onions for the human body

The health benefits and harms of onions are due to the unique chemical composition of the vegetable. It is unusually rich in B vitamins and vitamin C, as well as manganese, iron, zinc, fluoride, iodine, flavonoids and volatile ether compounds. Onions contain very few calories - about 40 per 100 grams.

The health benefits of onions are as follows:

  • stimulates the digestive tract
  • has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart
  • strengthens the immune system
  • cleans blood vessels from harmful cholesterol
  • relieves anemia
  • is a means of preventing heart attack, acute respiratory viral infections and infectious diseases
  • increases vitality
  • has an anti-fungal effect
  • reduces the risk of cancer.

The benefits of onions for women

For beautiful ladies, bow helps to maintain youth and beauty. Moreover, for this you can eat or use for the preparation of simple cosmetics. Women should definitely include onions in their menus because they:

  • has a positive effect on the reproductive system
  • improves metabolism and in particular fat metabolism, normalizing weight
  • improves the state of the nervous system, relieves unnecessary stress that provokes the appearance of early wrinkles.

If the onion is grated, mixed with olive oil and used as a hair mask, then you can guaranteed to improve the condition of your hair. If you apply the same mask to your face, you can get rid of dark spots, freckles, folds and pimples.

Eating raw onions is not only beneficial, but also harmful. And this applies not only to the intense smell, because of which many women do not like this vegetable. Its juice can irritate the digestive tract, so fresh onions are contraindicated for people with diseases of the digestive system. But in baked or boiled form and in moderate quantities, this vegetable can be used even for ulcers, pancreatitis, gastritis, etc. Also, allergy sufferers, asthmatics, people with high blood pressure should be treated with caution.

Chemical composition

100 g of chives contains 20 kcal, and the nutritional value is as follows (the share of the daily requirement is indicated in parentheses):

  • proteins - 1.3 g (1.7%)
  • fat - 0.1 g (0.2%)
  • carbohydrates - 3.2 g (1.5%)
  • dietary fiber - 1.2 g (6%)
  • water - 93 g (3.9%).

The main vitamins are A (retinol) and beta-carotene, K (phylloquinone) and C (ascorbic acid). The product also contains vitamins H, PP, group B, niacin. Of the mineral elements, it is rich in potassium, silicon, calcium, cobalt, molybdenum, copper and manganese. It contains iron, chromium, phosphorus, magnesium and other micro- and macroelements.

Onions are among the foods you need to maintain your health. Especially noteworthy are the benefits of green onions for colds, due to the high content of vit. C and antimicrobial properties.

Useful and medicinal properties of green onions, which are used in medicine:

  • antiviral / antibacterial / antiseptic
  • immunostimulating
  • diuretic
  • antiscorbutic (saturates the body with vitamin C)
  • anthelmintic
  • regenerating / restoring
  • fortifying
  • tonic.

Onion feathers are capable of maintaining beneficial properties in the stomach, therefore they are a valuable food product, especially for the digestive and circulatory systems.

The benefits of green onions for the human body with regular consumption:

  • prevention of vitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis
  • strengthening immunity (especially in the fight against colds)
  • improvement of digestion (suppression of putrefactive processes in the intestines)
  • prevention of cardiovascular diseases (reduction of blood clots)
  • blood purification
  • regulation of the sex glands (with dysfunction of the testicles and ovaries)
  • reduction of stone formation in the kidneys, gallbladder and liver
  • prevention of oncological diseases
  • increased libido
  • improving the condition of the skin, hair, nails
  • slowing down the aging process.

The benefits and harms of green onions for the liver are determined by the degree of replacement of the affected areas of the organ with connective tissue, which is observed in cirrhosis. In severe cases of the course of the disease, there is a possibility of possible harm when eating green feathers. This also applies to problems with cholelithiasis and urolithiasis. But as a preventive measure for maintaining liver and kidney function, green onions are beneficial.

It should also be noted the positive effect of chlorophyll green arrows (analogue of human hemoglobin) on the composition and quality of blood.

For women

Adding onions to your diet, like other vegetables and herbs, makes your diet more healthy. For women, the question of proper digestion is tantamount to a slim figure and well-being. Moderate but regular consumption of onions is beneficial for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, serves as a preventive measure to prevent slagging of the body and the accumulation of extra pounds that are harmful to health.

For men

The healing properties of green onions are used for male infertility, prostatitis and baldness. Regular consumption of this healthy product helps to reduce inflammation in the prostate. Spermatogenesis is normalized, libido is enhanced without harm and side effects. Hair masks with onions improve the blood supply to the scalp, regenerate damaged hair follicles, stimulate the development of new ones, which promotes hair growth.

For kids

For children from 6 months old, you can gradually add green onions to their meals, after prior consultation with a pediatrician or doctor. This is necessary for the formation of resistance to viral and bacterial infections. The state of immunity improves. The product fortifies the body, stimulates digestion. Green onions are added to liquid soups and vegetable purees. Onions from open soils are especially useful in the summer season with herbs and vegetables.

Green onion composition

Green onions are a real storehouse of vitamins. It is a source of vitamin C, 100 g of the product contains from 14 to 58 mg. And this amounts to an average of 51% of the daily intake of this vitamin for humans. The following components are also present in the composition of green onions:

  • Phylloquinone or vitamin K - 166.9 mcg (139% of the norm per day)
  • Beta Carotene 2 mg (40% DV)
  • Vitamin A - 333 mcg (37%)

In addition, B vitamins (B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B9), as well as E, H and PP are present in smaller amounts.

As for micro- and macroelements, green onions contain the most rubidium (453% of the daily value), boron (314%) and cobalt (70% of the norm for humans). The composition also includes:

  • Molybdenum - 20 mcg (28.6%)
  • Calcium - 100 mg (10%)
  • Copper - 90 mcg (9%)
  • Chromium - 4 mcg (8%)
  • Manganese - 0.129 mg (6.5%)
  • Iron - 1 mg (5.6%)
  • Magnesium - 18 mg (4.5%).

Sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, selenium and zinc are present in smaller amounts.

Contained in green onions and oxalic acid. In 100 g of this plant 89 mg, which is equal to 22.3% of the maximum allowable amount per day.

Interesting facts: green onion feathers contain sulfur (24 mg). They say that it is she who is responsible for the specific onion smell.

Since a hundred-gram bunch of this greenery contains about 19 calories, it can be safely added to the daily diet of the diet.

This type of onion consists of several small-sized heads joined into one. It should be noted that this product is much juicier, tastier and more aromatic than its onion “brother”. For medical purposes, this onion is used as an anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, experts recommend using this product for the prevention of cancer.

According to scientists, the benefits of onions for the body are much greater than harm. Indeed, 150 grams of this product contains the daily intake of vitamins A and C, a fifth of the daily intake of calcium and potassium.These components improve the functioning of a healthy heart, as well as strengthen the skeletal system.

It is worth noting that onions contain a lot of sugar. There is more of this component in this product than in apples and pears. If you decide to go on a diet, then you should not exclude onions from your diet. After all, this vegetable is also considered an excellent fat burner. Specialists have developed a special diet based on the daily consumption of onion soup.

Useful qualities of green onions

Green onions are most often grown from the same onion. But, no less benefit is brought by such varieties as shallots or batun.

First of all, the most useful green sprouts contained in them phytoncides. They actively resist diseases such as influenza, acute respiratory infections, etc. Also, they have a positive effect on a person's appetite.

Chlorophyll is abundant in feathers. It normalizes the process of hematopoiesis. Zinc, which is also abundant in it, strengthens the human immune system. With its lack in the female body, brittle nails and hair are observed.

Studies have shown that eating up to 70 grams per day. green onions, you can fully satisfy the need for vitamin C.

Despite the many advantages, it is worth noting a number of disadvantages that this vegetable has. For some, it can become the worst and most harmful plant of all. However, in general, its disadvantages are manifested with excessive use.

First of all, like garlic and horseradish, it is very irritating to the stomach lining. This leads to increased acidity. Because of this, people with ulcers and gastritis are not recommended to consume it even in small quantities.

Also, it can do no less harm to the liver, kidneys, heart. Due to irritation of the central nervous system, it can provoke an exacerbation of asthma.

Excessive consumption of this vegetable leads to blockage of blood vessels.

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